Possibility of modifying current car insurance

To travel freely and legally on the road, you must have car insurance. Can this valid contract be modified within a year?

Reminder: what is an auto insurance policy?

As soon as you own a car, you must take out a car insurance contract with an insurer. You can, for example, opt for GMF car insurance with its varied formulas integrating additional options. It offers you minimum or more extensive protection depending on your coverage needs.

An auto insurance contract is a document materializing the agreement that you have made with the establishment in order to cover you in the event of a road accident. The auto insurance contract contains several clauses defining the obligations and the rights both parties, both you and the insurance company. They mention, among other things, the list of guarantees covered by the contributions you pay. This insurance policy is effective for one year and the contract can be automatically renewed on expiry.

It is good to know that the auto insurance contract is a mandatory document and imposed by law. An uninsured car cannot be driven. Driving it is an offense punishable by fine of €3,750 may be subject to penalties. To know license suspension or cancellationWith lno ironing and the confiscation of the vehicle.

Can the auto insurance contract be modified during the year?

A premium that does not suit you, guarantees that have become unsuitable for your situation or a new job in another city, several reasons can encourage you to change the insurance contract. Before starting the process, discover the possibilities available to you.

The auto insurance contract may be modified during the year, subject to certain conditions and in certain situations. This may be the case when you are considering to add a guarantee or of delete an exclusion to the list of covered damages. It is the same if you wish change deductible and the compensation limit of your car insurance.

The modification of your car insurance contract is also possible within the framework of a change of circumstances (moving, change of marital status, retirement, etc.). If you sell your car or if it has been accidentally stolen from you, you can modify or cancel your insurance contract.

In general, when your auto insurance contract arrives at deadline, or on the renewal date, you can terminate it. The same applies if the insurer has renewed your contract without notifying you.


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