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Microsoft OneDrive is an online storage solution built into Windows and Office. But it is also compatible with other devices and on different platforms. Check out our review of one of the best online storage services.

For some Windows PC users with Microsoft 365, using OneDrive might be a no-brainer. But Microsoft is not closing the door to other operating systems whether on the desktop or on mobile devices. Now, with the multitude of cloud service providers, it is only natural to consider other alternatives. In this test, you will find out which features of Microsoft OneDrive make it one of the best online storage services.

Introducing Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is an online storage solution developed by Microsoft. It is therefore not surprising that he is deeply integrated into Windows 10 as well as the Microsoft 365 package. Nevertheless, it should be noted that OneDrive is a cross-platform cloud. In other words, it is available on macOS, Android, iOS and Xbox. In addition, it is possible to access it via any web browser.

Microsoft OneDrive is, in our opinion, one of the best Cloud because of its user-friendliness, its multiple features and its attractive interface. Also, we can say that Microsoft has worked the interface well, whether for the web, desktop or mobile version. Let’s see all this in more detail.


  • Native integration in Windows 10 and Office 365
  • Free storage: 5 GB
  • Basic paid plan: 100 GB
  • Cross-platform: Yes
  • File sharing: Yes
  • Possibility of collaboration: Yes
  • Data history: 30 days

Microsoft OneDrive: feature reviews

In terms of functionality, Microsoft OneDrive meets everything you would expect from an online storage service. The service allows to safeguard and of to sychronize selected folders and files.

Unfortunately, it does not provide BMR (Bare Metal Restore) backup of devices. This means that if the PC encounters a problem, the operating systems, settings and applications must be reinstalled. This is a common weakness of consumer cloud types.

Nevertheless, OneDrive can keep a 30-day version history to restore the files.

We don’t have a specific opinion on download speed with Microsoft OneDrive. Basically, we have no complaints except for the download for offline access which can take a bit longer. But this is probably due to the execution in the background.

The synchronization

The synchronization is one of the main features of any cloud service. Microsoft OneDrive can therefore synchronize the settings and applications of all Windows devices linked to an account.

Note however that Microsoft OneDrive does not allow you to save any file in the PC, which is a bit of a shame in our opinion. It only considers files and subfolders in the main OneDrive folder.

However, a recent parameter called Backup makes an exception for some folders. These are the three folders most likely to be backed up to the cloud, including Desk, documents and Pictures. In other words, there is no need to put these folders in OneDrive. They can automatically be synchronized.

File sharing

Like most online storage services, Microsoft OneDrive allows file sharing. Moreover, it is possible to work simultaneously on Office files. This is valid for desktop applications or on a web browser.

The good news is that it is possible to read and modify the files without having a Microsoft account. OneDrive allows you to create a link that the account owner can send via email, chat or social media messaging. However, to set an expiration date for sharing, you must be a subscriber. Same for creating a password.

Files on demand

We also want to share your thoughts on a feature in Microsoft OneDrive called Files On-Demand. It allows toaccess files online without having to download them. In fact, the storage space on the device remains intact. However, this does not remove the possibility of downloading them for offline use. This point puts OneDrive ahead of its main competitors.

Microsoft OneDrive: Security Advisory

It should be noted that despite the fact that Microsoft is an American company, it has a headquarters in Paris. In addition, it has several data centers in France. All this to say that the data of French Microsoft 365 users is stored in these data centers.

On the other hand, for free accounts, there is a high probability that the data is stored in the United States. Therefore, they are subject to US law in terms of cloud. This implies that the authorities can access it if necessary.

However, Microsoft OneDrive does not enforce end-to-end encryption, which cost him a few points less in this review. Indeed, Microsoft has the keys that allow access to user data.

It should be noted, however, that OneDrive uses the SSL / TLS protocol to secure transfers and AES-256 encryption to encrypt data.

Personal Vault in OneDrive

For personal files, OneDrive offers a Personal Vault feature. This offers the possibility of protecting the files with an additional layer of security, in other words a two-factor authentication. This can be a PIN code, an ephemeral code sent by SMS or e-mail or even a biometric identification.

When a file remains inactive after a set time, it is automatically locked. Also, files stored in the vault are safe from accidental sharing.

Note however that with a 100 GB subscription, you cannot secure more than 3 files in the Safe. But for higher subscriptions, the only limit is available storage space.

Microsoft OneDrive: notice on support for media files

Most files stored in the cloud are documents, music, photos, and videos. We got a glimpse of how documents are managed. We will now give you our opinion on the management of other types of media by Microsoft OneDrive.

The music

Remember that Microsoft OneDrive is integrated into Windows 10. In fact, it is possible tolisten to songs stored in the Cloud via the Groove Player. This feature may be reminiscent of iTunes in the Cloud (iCloud) or Google Play Music. The difference is that Groove can’t play streaming songs. For this option, you will have to go through the web version of OneDrive.

Photos and videos

Unlike some cloud service providers, Microsoft OneDrive doesn’t have a dedicated app for storing photos online. Nevertheless, it offers interesting features for managing photos and videos.

Indeed, OneDrive uses theartificial intelligence to automatically tag images. This allows images to be grouped by themes, by face (facial recognition) or by geolocation. The photo management feature also includes theOCR (Optical Character Recognition) which extracts text from images.

Microsoft OneDrive: mobile client review

We believe that Microsoft OneDrive is one of the providers that offers the best solutions in terms of mobility. In addition to Android and iOS apps, there are even OneDrive versions for Apple Watch and Android Wear. Thanks to this, one can browse the photos on the watch face.

All mobile applications allow files to be viewed, downloaded and shared. Additionally, OneDrive can automatically upload photos taken with the phone. Photos can quickly be viewed on all other devices linked to the account.

Note also that the collection Office Mobile is available for Android, iOS and Windows 10 mobile users. In other words, mobile apps offer all the functionality one would expect.

Microsoft OneDrive: plans and prices

Just like its main competitors, Microsoft OneDrive offers a free offer including 5 GB of storage, which is not really much in our opinion. It should also be noted that each Microsoft account owner (Hotmail, Live, Office 365, Outlook, etc.) already has a OneDrive account.

For the rest, Microsoft offers a standalone plan of 100 GB of storage at €2 per month. Then there is the offer Microsoft 365 Personal at €7 per month which includes 1 TB of storage and access to Microsoft 365 applications. family package multiply this offer by 6 users for a sum of €10 per month.

For the companiesMicrosoft OneDrive also offers a wide choice, the price of which varies from €5.10 to €12.60 per month.

Our final opinion on Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is logically at the top of the list for those using the Microsoft 365 and Windows 10 suite, Microsoft OneDrive. Besides, the fact that it supports other platforms makes it a solution that everyone can benefit from.

Its interface is neither sophisticated nor elegant, but nevertheless remains simple and intuitive. In terms of security, it’s also not the best. Probably the biggest asset of Microsoft OneDrive is the Files On-Demand feature which really sets it apart from all of its competitors.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter if you don’t use Microsoft Office.

  • Cross-platform
  • Native integration in Windows 10 and Microsoft 365
  • Collaborative document editing
  • Files on demand
  • Online photo management
  • Only 5 GB of free storage
  • Synchronization of specific folders
  • No end-to-end encryption

Ease of use – 9.5

Interface – 8

Features – 9.5

Value for money – 9


Ease of use : easy.

Interface : simple and intuitive.

Features : backup, synchronization, sharing, collaboration.

Value for money : good value for money.

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