Sage integrates Microsoft tools into its software

The management software publisher Sage* extends its partnership with Microsoft. Firms want to integrate Microsoft business tools – such as Microsoft 365 and Teams – into Sage and Sage Digital Network products.

“SMBs are increasingly digital businesses – but the lack of integration of the tools they use can be a barrier to their success,” said Steve Hare, CEO of Sage. Microsoft products have long been the tool of choice for collaboration, while Sage handles the back office. Through our expanded partnership, we will simplify the lives of millions of SMEs, eliminate friction and help them realize real productivity gains.”

Concretely, the extended partnership should offer the following advantages:

Simplification: Workflows and manual processes will be simpler, for example thanks to the link between Microsoft’s collaborative tools and back-office functions such as accounting.

Increased reliability: With increased reliability, security, performance, and scalability, users can access virtual apps and desktops, Microsoft Onedrive, and SaaS apps with a single session.

Productivity: work processes, governance and security are improved, because it becomes possible, for example, to download and upload data between Microsoft Excel and Sage.

Sage should not be confused with Sage Switzerland acquired by the Infoniqa group in 2021.

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