Sephora, Amazon, Nocibé… Here are the cheapest sites for beauty products

These are often high priced products, so it’s best to think twice before buying a beauty product. An infographic by A3Distrib allows you to identify e-commerce sites specializing in the cheapest beauty products on the market.

To arrive at this result, the DISTRI PRIX index established by the company specializing in prospectus and e-commerce monitoring, made its calculations by comparing price averages – the average index being 100 – on products of identical brands on a minimum of three websites. In order to be as fair as possible, discounts or delivery costs have not been taken into account, as have price indices that are too low or too high. This method makes it possible to assess whether a brand displays higher or lower prices than its competitors.

MyOrigines, Amazon and Marionnaud on the podium

On the beauty product market, three sites are therefore offering much lower prices for the month of July 2022. The MyOrigines site wins the prize for the cheapest beauty e-commerce site with a price index of 79.4 on more than 5093 products compared. Amazon comes on the second step of the podium with nearly 2656 products compared for a price index of 94.3. Third place goes to the Marionnaud brand, which is close to the average market price with a price index of 99.6 for 7,102 products compared.


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The other sites studied by A3distrib are considered more expensive compared to the average market price with respectively higher price indices for Nocibé (101.2 for 8841 products compared), Printemps (101.5 for 4201 products compared), Passion Beauty (104.3 for 4,511 products compared), Galeries Lafayette (104.6 for 4,830 products compared), Beauty Success (105.6 for 5,232 products compared) and Sephora (106.1 for 7,114 products compared.


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