Space conquest: the SpaceX, NASA, ESA calendar… – July 2022

2021 has been a historic year for space exploration. In just 365 days, we have witnessed the genesis of groundbreaking achievements such as the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope, SpaceX’s Inspiration 4 flight that sent civilians into space, and the cheering departure of NASA’s planetary defense prototype, DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test), to name but a few examples.

We received incredible images from the Mars rover Perseverance and its helicopter companion, Ingenuity, and learned more than we ever thought possible about exoplanets and distant stars in the galaxy. But the year 2022 has nothing to envy to 2021. For starters, the space race is back.

International agencies, including NASA, the European Space Agency, the Korea Aerospace Research Institute and the Indian Space Research Organization, intend to leap into the void and uncover the world’s best-kept secrets. ‘universe. In fact, NASA, which is leading the charge, is preparing for its next Artemis I mission, currently slated for launch in August, which will send an unmanned spacecraft into lunar orbit to chart a course for subsequent missions that will include a full crew.

Reusable spacecraft built by private companies SpaceX, Boeing and Blue Origin are heading into orbit, and we’ll await the first images taken by Webb, a remarkable device that NASA says could potentially help us understand the origin. of the Big Bang.

New rovers are ready to soar to the Moon and Mars – although, due to sanctions imposed on Russia following the invasion of Ukraine, a much-anticipated joint project between Russia and the European Space Agency, ExoMars, is not expected to set sail this year as originally planned. Only time will tell how other Roscosmos space projects will unfold.

Note that we will update this article each month by adding the following month’s launches and news, but the news from previous months remains accessible. Here are the major events not to be missed in July 2022. And if you think we’ve missed something or if there’s a mission you’d really like to see on this list, let us know in the comments.

July TBD – Russia launches Luna-25

Representation of the Russian lunar lander Luna-25. Credit: NASA

The United States is not the only country with an interest in the Moon. Russian company Roscosmos plans to launch its Luna-25 lunar rover in July.

The rover will survey the south pole of the Moon to understand the region’s surface composition and study plasma and dust in the lunar exosphere.

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