SpaceX caused a wave of noctilucent clouds

The Nasa has never recorded so many noctilucent clouds in the sky only at the end of June: this is a record intensity for the phenomenon since the start of the 2007 surveys. noctilucent clouds are visible, for the luckiest observers of thenorthern hemispherearound the period of summer solstice.

It was indeed at this time that the mesosphere is the coldest and that the fine dust of meteorite coated in ice can be seen as bluish filaments that sparkle in the sky at night. These clouds are the highest that exist, since they form at an average altitude of 80 kilometers above the ground.

A real “outbreak”, an appearance in large numbers, was detected by NASA on June 30, including in Europe: up to 40% more noctilucent clouds compared to the 2007-2021 normal.

In red, the peak intensity of appearance of noctilucent clouds on June 30, 2022, compared to the 2007-2021 average in grey.  ©NASA

A peak of intensity whose origin is a priori not natural! NASA believes it is likely due to satellite launches and rocketsespecially SpaceX’s Globalstar satellite which took off on June 19. It takes 10 days for the water vapor from the satellites to disperse into the mesosphere, which coincides with the June 30 peak.


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