SpaceX trivializes the extraordinary with a 100th reception of boosters

SpaceX, a company still unknown 6 years ago, has just completed the 100th first-stage recovery in its history.

Six years ago, to the day, a small company almost unknown to the space world made headlines. This firm is SpaceX. Since December 22, 2015, it has grown well, and is now a heavyweight in the global space industry. That day, she had achieved the first feat of her career.

The company of Elon Musk, then a billionaire unknown to the general public, had indeed recovered the boosters of its Falcon 9 rocket during a satellite launch on behalf of the company Orbcomm. This feat, never before achieved in the space world, paved the way for reusable launchers, which undoubtedly brought a bit of nostalgia to space shuttle lovers.

Following this achievement, SpaceX did not stop there and the company had the growth that we know of. As the launches followed, the company had less and less trouble collecting its boosters, the activity becoming almost commonplace. But six years later, SpaceX is still there, still launching boosters, recovering them and even starting to reuse them.

On this anniversary date, it is another key figure that SpaceX has just unlocked, that of the 100th successful reception of boosters. On this December 22, 2021, the first stage of the Falcon 9 rocket landed on the droneship “Just Read the Instructions” in the Atlantic Ocean, when the weather conditions were really not very good.

A symbolic figure which obviously pleased the boss of the firm, Elon Musk, who took the opportunity to use his favorite weapon: his Twitter account.

Today SpaceX succeeds in 82% of these booster receptions, and the last failure dates back to February 16, 2020. On the last 100 flights, SpaceX even displays the astounding recovery percentage of 96%. While reusable rockets were science fiction objects 10 years ago, the Texas firm has succeeded in its crazy bet, and made all this possible, but has also trivialized the incredible.

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