SpaceX will fly its Starship on the same launch pad as the Apollo missions

SpaceX has decided to use the mythical 39A complex for its Starship.

When we talk about the Starship, the future SpaceX launcher, which should allow Elon Musk’s company to reach the Moon, we think first of all of Boca Chica. This small Texas town on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico was completely unknown just three years ago, but now spaceX has decided to make it its launch base, ignoring the iconic launch pads of Cape Canaveral in the process. Florida, who have seen decades of space history pass them by.

But while SpaceX seemed to be at ease on Texas lands, where taxation is more advantageous for Elon Musk, the Starship could well leave Florida. Elon Musk’s company announced through his big boss the construction of a launch pad within the 39A complex of the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral.

An old project

In 2014 SpaceX had already concluded a contract for the use of the launch pad with NASA, which owns it, this lease, which should last 20 years, was to allow the company’s shuttles to make the link with the ISS, something which is the case today, SpaceX even taking care of the sending and the return of the Western astronauts present in the ISS.

This historic NASA complex, which was used in particular for the launch of the Saturn V rocket in the 1960s during the Apollo missions, is therefore preparing to live a second life, with the launch of the Starship, the first private spacecraft to carry out orbital flights, to see, as it is envisaged on its calendar, to go to the Moon. SpaceX originally began work in the fall of 2019 on Complex 39A, but that was quickly abandoned in favor of the company’s Texas launch base.

An XXL calendar

In the coming months, it is therefore from the legendary Kennedy Space Center complex that the Starship should take off, and the least we can say is that the SpaceX vessel has its work cut out for it. The latter must indeed reach Earth orbit as soon as possible before carrying out a demonstration mission at NASA, succeeding in the feat of landing on the Moon, then taking off again and reaching Earth orbit. . This delicate mission must be completed before 2025, when Artemis 3 will take off with a team of American astronauts on board to conquer the Moon. If the take-off was to be done from NASA’s SLS rocket, which has also never flown, the landing on the Moon, but also the return to Earth must be done from a Starship rocket.

A busy schedule which for the moment blocked by the FAA, the American federation of aviation, space policeman who must first finish his environmental examination of the launch pad before giving permission to SpaceX to take off. While waiting for the great friends of Elon Musk to decide to give him the green light, the entrepreneur from Pretoria is struggling to keep his ship afloat, SpaceX being on the verge of bankruptcy according to his own admission.

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