Starcraft: Remastered is available for free to Amazon Prime subscribers

Amazon Prime subscribers are in for a great summer: Prime Gaming is offering the remaster of the first Starcraft this month! The perfect opportunity to dive back into this mythical science fiction RTS which had its heyday in cybercafés at the end of the 90s. The title is usually sold for €15 on online stores, and people don’t who are not Prime subscribers can try the service for free for 30 days.

This remastered version features modernized graphics as well as a reworked soundtrack and dialogues. We can rediscover the three playable factions, each with specific mechanics. The Brood War extension is included, while the multiplayer aspect remains present and has even been revised to satisfy occasional players as well as old veterans wishing to chain the games.

Prime subscribers should go to the Prime Gaming site and search for the Starcraft: Remastered game (which is well-promoted for the occasion). You will be asked for a account, the platform serving as your launcher to Activision-Blizzard games. Side config, the title is not very demanding: it will need at least 2 GB of RAM and an Intel Core 2 Duo to start. From our side, it works smoothly on Mac M1. Note that it is available in French and requires 8 GB of free space.


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