Starlink: SpaceX will offer free WiFi to passengers of this airline

Wifi in planes is still too little widespread today. And when it is offered, it is often chargeable, the free offers only allowing you to surf the Internet. But as reported CNBC, the partnership that SpaceX has just established with Hawaiian Airlines could reshuffle the cards. SpaceX will indeed soon provide free Wi-Fi thanks to the Starlink network and its 200 satellites in low Earth orbit. These satellites were designed to deliver high-speed Internet to consumers and businesses around the world.

According to our colleagues, the installation of the first terminals should begin at the beginning of next year on the planes of the Hawaiian company. But there are still “certification issues to be resolved before using the product”, explains Avi Mannis, marketing and communications manager at Hawaiian Airlines. On the other hand, the company has not communicated any details as to the financial amounts involved. For Hawaiian Airlines, which does not currently distribute Wifi in flight, this would be a step forward when the company already serves part of the United States. , but also other countries such as Japan, Australia and New Zealand.


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Wifi would be free on all destinations, we can learn. At the end of last year, Hawaiian Airlines had a fleet of 24 Airbus A330-200s and 18 A321s. The Boeing 787s it has should also be equipped with Starlink. Only domestic flights would not be affected. The connection speed used has not yet been specified, but the company speaks of “impressive performance”. In a press release, the vice-president of sales at Starlink indicates that passengers will have access to “high-speed internet”.

On the SpaceX side, it is indicated that discussions are underway with other companies. So far, only JetBlue Airways offers a free Wi-Fi service and the CEO of Delta Airlines said in 2018 that he too wanted to go in this direction. A test was also carried out on certain flights the following year. Last week, JSX announced that it had signed an agreement with Starlink to provide it with Wifi. A first.


This airline will offer high-speed wifi

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