Stays in Canada: the importance of being well insured

Compulsory or optional, health and assistance insurance for travel or expatriation are among the essentials for a successful stay abroad. In this article, ACS, specialist in international mobility, gives us his advice for staying in Canada with complete peace of mind!

Will you be covered by the Canadian healthcare system?

Canada has a universal health insurance system throughout its territory, but has 13 provincial and territorial plans, each with their differences or particularities. Depending on your status or visa, you will not necessarily be entitled to this protection. So check well before you leave!

You should know that the cost of health care is higher in Canada than in Europe. Just for admission to emergency rooms, which are more often overcrowded, you have to pay $700 to $800. It is advisable, except in serious cases, to go instead to a clinic or a care center without an appointment in the event of illness or a minor injury.

Health and insurance in Canada. ACS

Why take out insurance?

If you do not benefit from local social protection, taking out private health & assistance insurance is essential to deal with the unexpected.

Travel insurance is aimed at travelers from a few days to several months and aims to alleviate minor problems and major emergencies. It offers a set of guarantees to cover the consequences of incidents that may occur during your stay. By this we mean medical expenses of course, but also assistance, repatriation, theft or loss of luggage, civil liability… and also the cancellation of your trip.

The more complex expatriation insurance is intended for people who wish to live abroad for a few years. The insurance will take the place of an organization for the reimbursement of medical expenses. In general, the various protections offered revolve around five main items: current medical expenses, hospitalization, optics, dental care and maternity. Other very useful optional guarantees can be presented to you, such as income in the event of disability, death benefit, assistance, etc.

It is advisable to plan ahead to choose a solution that suits your needs. Take the time to learn, read the instructions and ask questions to properly compare the offers on the market.

Traveling without insurance, good or bad idea?

The trip is often promising well-being, beautiful discoveries and even sometimes, thrills. However, anything can happen abroad: having an accident, losing your luggage, falling ill or even having to be repatriated. If you are not covered, it could cost you (very) expensive. For those who think that the insurance offered by the different bank cards is sufficient, check the conditions and limits of your contract.

Insurance in Canada is compulsory or not?

Depending on whether you are a globetrotter, expatriate worker, student, simple visitor or retiree, the same rules do not apply. For example, for the PVT permit, neither the health insurance of your country of origin, nor that of Canada will cover you during your stay abroad. You must take out health, hospitalization and repatriation insurance before your departure. In PVT, the duration of your insurance can impact the duration of your visa. If you are going with an International Experience Canada visa, find out more on

Tips for choosing the right travel insurance

Travel insurance is designed to guarantee you support during your stay. It is essential that it contains at least the following guarantees:

  • current medical expenses,
  • hospitalization,
  • repatriation,
  • and personal liability.

The formula may vary depending on the type of trip, your needs, your activities on site, etc. The choice of expatriation insurance depends on your expectations in terms of health: coverage only in the event of hospitalization or maximum coverage. In North America, due to the exorbitant cost of care, it makes sense to opt for comprehensive protection.

Why choose ACS?

Specialist in international mobility for more than 40 years, ACS Assurances voyage & expatriation accompanies travelers and expatriates as closely as possible to the 4 corners of the world, whatever the type of trip, with adapted health insurance and assistance solutions. Its team, made up of passionate multicultural professionals, is entirely dedicated to its policyholders.

Choosing ACS means making sure you can leave with peace of mind and fully enjoy your stay. Each year, more than 100,000 people trust ACS.


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