Sylvester Stallone becomes a superhero for Amazon Prime (trailer)

It’s a film that will be available at the end of August on Amazon Prime with Sylvester Stallone who will play a former vigilante superhero. Samaritan is a superheroic production that just revealed in a first trailer.

Stallone, a superhero coming out of retirement

Directed by Julius Avery, Samaritan features a Hollywood star who after going through Marvel and DC participating in The Suicide Squad and to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 continues his journey in the superheroic universe. Sylvester Stallone will therefore be Samaritan for Amazon Prime!

The story of the film tells that of Sam, a 13-year-old boy who thinks his neighbor is an ex-superhero. And that’s the case ! Sylvester Stallone is Samaritan, a former vigilante who disappeared after his fight against Nemesis 20 years ago. Everyone thinks he’s dead Sam will do anything to get him back in business to help the city plagued by rising crime.

If we had already been able to see some images of this production, Amazon Prime has decided to unveil the first trailer for this production expected this summer on the streaming platform.. We invite you to discover it below:

Originally slated for a December 2020 theatrical release, plans changed due to Covid-19. Ultimately, the film will be available for streaming at the end of the summer.

Sylvester Stallone who is still in great shape will share the poster with Javon Walton seen in Euphoria and Umbrella Academy. The cast is completed by Pilou Asbaek, Moses Arias, Dasha Polanco and Martin Starr. Directed by Julius Avery to whom we owe Overlord, Samaritan will be available on Amazon Prime on August 26th!

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