Amazon is hiring 4,000 more people in the UK

The American online distribution giant Amazon announced on Friday that it was hiring more than 4,000 additional people this year in the United Kingdom on permanent contracts. Read alsoAmazon hired 15,000 more people than expected in the UK in 2021 This should boost its workforce in the country to 75,000 people and make the group … Read more

France is inspired by the Canadian model

Barely a few months after the launch of the last unemployment insurance reform, last December, Emmanuel Macron was already launching the idea of ​​​​conducting a new one. Announced during the campaign, the president again mentioned this project during his July 14 interview. The goal of this new reform: that unemployment insurance be “stricter when too … Read more

record first-half profitability in non-life insurance

Swiss insurer Zurich Insurance reported record profitability in its non-life insurance business in the first half of the year on Thursday, driven by business insurance contracts and agricultural crop coverage. Read alsoZurich Insurance sells life insurance business in Germany Its combined ratio, the reference indicator for assessing the profitability of insurers, stood at 91.9%, the … Read more

consumers better protected against forced selling

Telephone canvassing is more strictly regulated from April 1, 2022. ADOBE STOCK New rules apply to better regulate cold calling by telephone. Hasty insurance subscriptions over the phone are over. Since 1er April, new distance selling rules apply. “Consumers will be better protected”, argues Flor Gabriel, deputy director of the control of commercial practices at … Read more

Automotive: Choosing Usage-Based Insurance

(Photo: 123RF) Car insurance in Canada can be expensive. For drivers looking to cut costs, insurers have begun to offer pay-as-you-go or usage-based insurance. These are the two main types of so-called telematics programs, explains Matt Hands, director of insurance at in Toronto. Usage-based insurance is based on how you drive, rather than how … Read more

Morocco: international financing conditions, an insurance factor (AGR)

By the Aug 9, 2022 10:15 a.m. The Kingdom’s international financing conditions remain an insurance factor, according to Attijari Global Research (AGR). “We remain confident about Morocco’s ability to make new international exits without major difficulties and on + correct + financing conditions”, say AGR analysts in the “Research report fixed income” report entitled “towards … Read more

Amazon’s “Prime Day” boosted online sales in the United States

Online sales approached 12 billion dollars in the United States on Tuesday and Wednesday, driven by a promotional operation by Amazon, in a context of galloping inflation, according to figures published Thursday by the Adobe Digital Economy Index. This amount represents an increase of 8.5% compared to the revenues of all e-commerce platforms recorded during … Read more

The CEO of an insurance group indicted for “rape of a minor” and “trafficking in human beings”

Jacques Bouthier, 75 years old and today at the head of the Vilavi group, was indicted and imprisoned on Saturday May 21 with five other people in an investigation for “trafficking in human beings” and “rape of a minor”. The information revealed by RTL was confirmed on Monday, May 23 by judicial sources. Following a … Read more