Comparison of the performance of more than 130 life insurance contracts

To achieve a minimum gain, insurers have no choice but to diversify their investments and not be content with government bonds. AdobeStock In 2021, the yields of the funds in euros of life insurance contracts are still falling. However, some insurers have maintained stable returns. This year is no exception. The performance of funds in … Read more

4 perfect contracts for investing in real estate, ETFs…

The Patrimea Premium contract offers a wide choice for investing money in real estate. Adobe Stock The editorial staff of Le Particulier has selected four life insurance contracts that will allow you to benefit from an excellent fund in euros, to invest in real estate, to position yourself on ETFs… Discover below our selection of … Read more

Best life insurance 2022 – Managed management category

The management company has the task of securing the invested capital. Adobe Stock The editorial staff of Le Particulier offers you the rankings of life insurance contracts under managed management according to their investment profile: cautious, balanced, dynamic and offensive. Managed management is offered today in a large third of life insurance contracts. It consists … Read more

consumers better protected against forced selling

Telephone canvassing is more strictly regulated from April 1, 2022. ADOBE STOCK New rules apply to better regulate cold calling by telephone. Hasty insurance subscriptions over the phone are over. Since 1er April, new distance selling rules apply. “Consumers will be better protected”, argues Flor Gabriel, deputy director of the control of commercial practices at … Read more

you can change the beneficiary of the capital at any time

Nothing obliges the subscriber of the contract to notify the insurer of the change of beneficiary that he has made. Explanations. Commentary on a decision of the 2th civil chamber of the Court of Cassation of 10.3.2022, appeal no. 20-19655. Facts Mr. X takes out a life insurance contract. He designates his son as beneficiary … Read more

to finance the future needs of a grandchild

Coupled with a donation, life insurance can allow a grandparent to financially help a grandchild who is still a minor in anticipation of future needs. Manual. Mr. Durant, 70, wants to partially finance the higher education of his grandson, Martin, when the latter, currently 12, turns 20. For this, he chooses to give her the … Read more

Zurich Insurance sells life insurance business in Germany

The Swiss insurer Zurich Insurance has signed an agreement with the German insurance portfolio manager Viridium to sell it life insurance activities in Germany, it announced on Friday. Read alsoZurich Insurance withdraws from Russia by reselling its activities to its local team Transfer of reserves of 20 billion dollars The sale of these activities, which … Read more

Life insurance still attracts despite a drop in the value of certain investments

Life insurance in France continued to attract billions of euros in savings in the first half, but saw its outstandings eroded by the fall in value of certain riskier investments, and could now suffer from more marked competition from the Livret A. This savings product “records an excellent first half of the year“, greeted during … Read more