Elon Musk claims in a tweet that he will buy Manchester United… before admitting that it was a joke

The billionaire, boss of Tesla and SpaceX, even confided that he was not interested in buying “any sports team”. Elon Musk shook the football world. The billionaire, boss of Tesla and SpaceX, said in a tweet on Tuesday evening that he was buying English football club Manchester United. In a sibylline tweet, the wealthy entrepreneur, … Read more

Life insurance and SRI: which labels to watch?

In the context of life insurance, the responsible investment offer is expanding photo credit: GettyImages For investors, the search for performance can be associated with “extra-financial” objectives. So-called “responsible” Collective Investment Schemes (UCIs) take into account Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria. In recent years, they have multiplied, but without always convincing with regard to … Read more

Borrower insurance: who can change it and how?

You can change borrower insurance, do not hesitate to compare competing offers. (© DR) You have taken out borrower insurance with the bank that granted you your mortgage but you would like to see if competing offers are more advantageous? Know that it is quite possible to change loan insurance and thus save money. Borrower … Read more

insurance, a headache for companies

By Daniele Guinot Posted on 03/30/2022 at 20:48, Update on 03/30/2022 at 22:43 Companies that have chosen to stay in Russia face a real insurance headache. 86157847/luzitanija – stock.adobe.com War risk is not covered by damage insurance. In Russia, the situation has hardened. The Russian invasion of Ukraine makes the life of companies present in … Read more

Using life insurance to recover social assistance: beware of the danger

Some or all of the aid can be recovered through life insurance. (© DR) Jurisprudence warns against the use of life insurance by an elderly person to benefit from social assistance. Social benefits recoverable on the death of the beneficiary: the Ministry of Solidarity and Health indicates on its website: “Social aid for adults concerns … Read more

Insurance: what coverage for renting a holiday home?

(Photo credits: © Elena – stock.adobe.com) Do you need to take out specific insurance to rent accommodation during your summer vacation? An important question to avoid having to pay a huge sum of money in the event of a glitch. By MoneyVox, Are you renting a house or an apartment to spend your summer holidays … Read more

Unemployment insurance: 60% of French people support the reform project, according to a poll – 08/08/2022 at 14:24

( AFP / PHILIPPE LOPEZ ) The majority of French people support the government’s unemployment insurance reform project, according to an Elabe poll for Les Echos, Radio Classique and the Institut Montaigne published on Sunday 7 August. Parliament will resume its work in session in October, with divisive texts on the program. In opening, the … Read more

Life insurance: are insurers’ reserves sufficient to cope with the rise in rates?

(Photo credits: 123RF) With the rise in interest rates, life insurance companies have an interest in maintaining a rate of return for their funds in euros that is sufficiently attractive compared to that of other risk-free assets. For this, they will most likely have to tap into their reserves. How does the rise in interest … Read more

The essential of the week: good weather on life insurance collection, the tax notice reception season for 2022 is open! Sustainable development invites itself to financial advisors, Pay with holiday vouchers at tolls

(Photo credits: Wikimedia Commons – Raimond Spekking) Life insurance contributions hit their highest level since 2010 during the first half of 2022. The 2022 tax notices on 2021 income are made available to taxpayers during the month of August 2022. Inflation reached a new record in the euro zone in July 2022, at 8.9% over … Read more

On Amazon, the worrying business of counterfeit books

By Claudia Cohen Posted 1 minute ago, Update 1 minute ago Many authors found that the e-commerce giant was selling counterfeit versions of their book. Gorodenkoff Productions/stock.adobe.com INVESTIGATION – Many books are pirated, printed at low cost and then resold online at steep discounts. One fine morning in July, David Flanagan, a Tesla engineer in … Read more