the Amazon series canceled after 2 seasons

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– Posted on 30 Jul 2022 at 10:12

The Wilds is a series featuring young girls, then young boys shipwrecked on an island. After two seasons, the TV series has just been canceled by Amazon Prime Video.

Created by Sarah Streicher, The Wilds is a series that features groups of castaways on an island. Indeed, during the first season, we can follow a group of nine young girls leaving for a stay in Hawaii, whose plane crashes. They meet isolated on a desert island and must learn to survive. The production is based on the alternation of flashbacks and returns to the present. Indeed, at the beginning of the series, one of the heroines answers the questions of investigators and evokes the period of survival on the island.

The second season introduces the arrival new characters. During the latter, one can follow the adventures ofa group of shipwrecked young boys. What happens to the previous heroines? Just watch The Wilds to find out! This TV series is available on the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform. The first season was released in December 2020 and the second in May 2022.

The Wilds subject to cancellation

When the first season launched in 2020, Amy B. Harris, Program Director and Series Executive Producertold reporters from variety : “Obviously we live in a very divided world at the moment and people are behind their computers trolling each other, shouting strong opinions and not to listen to each other. What would happen if we took people out of this world…would they start to see commonalities? We felt they would” . She had added: “That may be a bit of our hope: if you put your phone down for five seconds and you talk to someone else, you will find that you have more similarities than differences. And their greatest similarity is the desire to survive” .

Series The Wilds was a real success after its launch and was acclaimed by the public. It is therefore with surprise that we have just learned that she was eventually canceled by Amazon Prime Video. There will be no third season, according to information provided by variety. A news that sounds the death knell for the survival adventures experienced by popular characters. And it’s a shame for the fans of the series, who turn out to be quite numerous. #SaveTheWilds hashtag will it see the light of day, following this announcement? This is a question we can ask ourselves.

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