the City of Lyon wants to swap Microsoft’s Office suite for free software

For more than 20 years, the City of Lyon, like many homes, businesses and communities, has relied on Microsoft technologies.

The Office suite has the merit of including the essential software to carry out the most basic work, from Word to Excel via PowerPoint.

Except that environmentalists have no pleasure in giving money to the American giant. Especially since Microsoft has reduced the duration of support for its licenses, from 10 to 7 years. The town hall must therefore renew them more often. In addition, the extended Office 2013 support available to City of Lyon agents will end in April 2023.

This Thursday, municipal councilors must therefore act on a new strategy to get out of “all-Microsoft”. In a project led by the deputy in charge of IT Bertrand Maes, it is planned to “promote collaborative work by offering more modern tools that meet the needs and uses of agents”, “supporting transformation and hybrid working methods” and of course “control the cost of ownership of the digital work environment”.

Because the City of Lyon intends to reverse the trend by favoring free software, which is understood to be free most of the time. A study was launched in June to clarify the scope of the model change. By 2027, agents will have more OnlyOffice-type solutions but also free Zimbra-type messaging.

At the end of the mandate, Grégory Doucet and his teams will have moved to 80% free office automation and 20% Microsoft office automation.

If the transition should ultimately save money, it will cost nearly 3.5 million euros in investments over the mandate.



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