The liberal nurse suspected of having defrauded Health Insurance up to 73,000 € in the Yvelines

A 55-year-old nurse, domiciled in Versailles, is summoned before the judicial court of this same city, on February 13, suspected by the police of “serious irregularities”, for a damage of 73,000 euros from Health Insurance.

This woman was summoned and placed in police custody on Tuesday July 26. During her hearing, she would have minimized the facts and tried to incriminate the elderly people to whom she went, explaining that they crossed out the prescriptions themselves.

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The investigators discovered the use of false medical prescriptions, non-compliance with the general nomenclature of professional acts governing the contribution of certain acts, as well as the declaration of fictitious acts.

The facts would have been committed between 2016 and 2018. After studying his financial assets, the investigators obtained the seizure in values ​​of the entire damage on his bank accounts.


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