the maniac would have stopped the insurance of the building in May

By Michel Hiribarren

According to the office of the mayor of Saint-Jean-de-Luz, the individual responsible for the street fire in the city center would have terminated the insurance of the building. He was a voluntary member of the syndic of co-ownership.

The bad news adds up for the co-owners of the building burned down on Monday July 25, rue Chauvin-Dragon, in the center of Saint-Jean-de-Luz. According to the cabinet of mayor Jean-François Irigoyen, the maniac who would be responsible for the fire would have terminated the insurance of the building in May.

Insurance terminated in May

“Either he canceled in May on his own, or he did not pay. But in any case, there is no longer any insurance since that date, ”says the firm. The individual, whose identity was revealed yesterday by the city councilor, is called Jean-François Briscadieu. The latter was involved in a conflict within the syndic of co-ownership of which he was a voluntary member. He would have been ordered to leave office recently, according to the prosecutor.

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