The price of Amazon Prime increases enormously in France

Amazon has announced a price increase for its Prime subscription. The monthly option increases to €6.99 and the annual plan to €69.90 from September 15.

In the services market, the Amazon Prime subscription is among the cheapest, with a host of benefits accessible for a pittance. The quality/price ratio will change at the start of the school year. In an email sent to members (which Numerama received), the multinational announced a price increase. Starting September 15, 2022, Amazon Prime will switch to :

  • €6.99 per month (instead of 5.99);
  • €69.90 per year (instead of 49).

This increase also concerns student plans: €3.49 per month (instead of €2.99) and €34.95 per year (instead of €24).

Rise in the price of Amazon Prime in France // Source: Screenshot

Amazon increases the price of its subscription by 42%

This change is related to the increased operating costs of Prime “, justifies Amazon in its press release. In recent years, the company has invested heavily in the service, in particular to offer quality original content on its SVOD Prime Video platform (which will finally be entitled to a visual overhaul). We think of The Boys. We especially think of the series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power — which would be the most expensive in history. In France, Amazon also broadcasts live sporting events, such as Roland-Garros. All these new features have a cost that has not yet been reflected in the subscription.

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Amazon Prime Video // Source: Twitter Prime Video France

It should be noted that the increase is much greater for the annual formula (+42%) than for the monthly formula (+17%). However, it remains to be preferred if you plan to enjoy the advantages of Prime over the long term: at €6.99 per month, the monthly option costs €83.88 over an entire year (12*6.99) — i.e. a difference of €13.98 corresponding to two months free (with the current grid, it’s almost four). Note that there is a little trick to delay the subscription increase. At worst, you can always cancel. And if you are not yet an Amazon Prime customer, September 14, 2022 seems to be the ideal date to subscribe.

The United Kingdom also undergoes an increase: the subscription goes from 79 pounds to 95 pounds.

These increases are not abnormal and, in reality, Amazon has a rather light hand in the matter. Netflix constantly adjusts its prices – which are very high while the competition has grown stronger. For its part, Disney had revised the price of Disney + after the appearance of the Star universe.

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