The price of this electric scooter is staggering on Amazon

News good plan The price of this electric scooter is staggering on Amazon

The urban landscape has been changing for some time and you can easily see this by the influx of electric scooters rolling down the streets. It must be said that in addition to being an ecological mode of transport, it is also very practical on short journeys.

The Wispeed T855 electric scooter loses €30 on Amazon

The Wispeed brand is still very little known in France, and yet it is a relatively recent brand that is part of the French Logicom group. Its flagship model, the T855, is currently on sale on Amazon.

Buy the Wispeed T855 scooter at 369€ on Amazon

Wispeed’s T855 goes from €399 to €369 on Amazon, and given what it offers, it’s a very good price, one of the best on the market.

The Wispeed T855 and its 30 km range allows you to leave your car in the garage!

The scooter is easy to take with you anywhere, whether on the subway, train, on vacation or even in the trunk of your car and it weighs only 13 kg, where competing models weigh an average of 15 kg or less. close.

For short daily trips, we recommend it, but if you have to travel several tens of kilometers a day, you may have to opt for a model with a little more autonomy.

And what’s more, it folds in just two or three movements, in 3 steps more precisely, so that you can carry it without wasting time. In short, it is folded in less than a minute.

In accordance with the legislation in force, you can ride with the Wispeed T855 scooter up to 25 km/h, and to ride in town you don’t need more.

It is also equipped with a rear disc brake system to reduce stopping distance.

And if the helmet is not mandatory for the moment, we still recommend that you wear one when traveling for obvious safety reasons.

For your comfort, the Wispeed T855 scooter has non-slip handles that will ensure you a better grip, 30 km of autonomy in total so that you do not have to recharge it at the end of each journey .

In view of its many advantages, it is clear that the Wispeed T855 is the ideal alternative for short long journeys and for occasional use. Get this electric scooter on promotion for the sales, available at 369€ at Darty !

Buy the Wispeed T855 scooter at 369€ on Amazon

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