The Tineco broom vacuum cleaner on sale on Amazon

An always clean interior with the Tineco vacuum cleaner on sale at Amazon at €349.99

Currently at Amazon, the Tineco broom vacuum cleaner is priced at €349.99 instead of €409. It is an intelligent device with a new cleaning system for even more efficiency in use. It detects the type of dirt: wet or dry, sucks up debris with one push and cleans your floors at the same time. Your house regains its splendor after each passage of the device. Benefit from an innovative user experience for cleaning your home, thanks to the Tineco stick vacuum cleaner.

The little extras of the device:

  • A handy vacuum cleaner, for a complete cleaning of your interior.
  • The device is easy to maintain thanks to its self-cleaning function. Your hands remain clean after using the device.
  • The noise level is very decent for evening use.
  • The device has an autonomy of 35 min, sufficient to maintain your apartment.

Amazon: the Tineco stick vacuum cleaner for effortless complete cleaning

Thanks to the Tineco broom vacuum cleaner, you can do a complete cleaning of your house: the floor, the corners of your rooms. This vacuum cleaner is both powerful and quiet. You can do your household chores in your free time, at any time. Save time in the maintenance of your home with a practical, light and cordless device, for an immediate result. It has the advantage of being multifunctional. It can simultaneously wash and vacuum the floor without leaving traces. Find dry floors instantly. It is also multi-surface. You can use it on hard floors and parquet; on tiles, carpets and many other surfaces. It’s a smart device, it separates dirty water from clean water for continuous cleaning with clean water.

The advantages of the product:

  • The Tineco vacuum cleaner is silent.
  • Packed with smart features for continuous cleaning with clean water.
  • It is multifunctional.
  • In promotion, benefit from a good value for money.

No more fear of dirt, dust, debris. With the Tineco vacuum cleaner, enjoy a breath of fresh air in your home after each use of the device.

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