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L. Feuerstein, J. Vitaline, L. Pekez, L. Michel – France 3

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Monday, July 25, while the fires in Gironde are fixed, the inhabitants return to their homes. Some assess the damage and wonder about their compensation.

In Origne (Gironde), Maryse returned to her accommodation after being evacuated due to the fire in Landiras (Gironde). She finds her devastated garage and worries about a car that her daughter was fixing and which burned down. She hopes that the insurance companies will be able to cover part of the damage. The fires will not be classified as a natural disaster, the fires being of accidental origin in La Teste-de-Buch (Gironde) and criminal for Landiras. The victims will have to deal with their insurance.

Jérôme Blanc, resident of Cazaux (Gironde) lost two cars in the fire. It is not multi-risk insured, but only third party. “I may be waiting for a gesture from the administration, from the State“, he explains. No aid is provided for individuals, but the victims can take legal action. “One can think of all forms of damage, the moral damage of having lost one’s home, the material damage, the financial damage. All this will be covered by criminal justice“, details Damien Legrand, lawyer.

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