Thierry Henry consultant for Amazon, it will not last

A year after his arrival in French football, Amazon Prime has won its bet.

The American channel broadcasts 80% of Ligue 1 and the broadcasts are pleasant to follow, in terms of image quality and the teams surrounding the matches. Thierry Henry is not for nothing, he who is the star consultant of the chain. Already an expert in the field on the side of Sky or CBS, the top scorer in the history of the Blues fascinates with his ease in talking about the ball, his understanding of the game, his refusal to criticize at all costs while sometimes allowing himself to right to ignite on the attitude or the things which pleased him. A gold consultant therefore, and “Titi” willingly lends himself to the game even if it is not the aspect of football that makes him dream the most. Assistant coach of the Belgian selection, Thierry Henry still dreams of taking charge of a club, despite his mixed spells in the United States and then in Monaco.

One of the players under his responsibility at ASM is in any case convinced that the French technician will quickly find the job he dreams of doing. “ He was a very good coach. If he took charge of a real top team today, it would work. You could see that he had so much knowledge in the matter. It was really impressive. His training was very demanding. And he is simply Thierry Henry, a true legend “, delivered the German defender Benjamin Henrichs in an interview with Goal. Compliments that will certainly touch the French legend, even if for the moment, Henry is not overwhelmed by offers from major European clubs. Amazon won’t complain.

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