this Canadian model which worries the French unions

The Canadian model of unemployment insurance could inspire the French government when tackling reform. The unions are worried.

System “virtuous” or “danger”: the Canadian model of unemployment insurance, which the government intends to draw inspiration from to modulate compensation according to the economic situation, worries the unions. During his campaign for a second term, Emmanuel Macron committed to a new reform of unemployment insurance, with the idea that it would be “stricter when too many jobs are unfilled, more generous when unemployment is high “.

Since then, the Minister of Labor, Olivier Dussopt, who considers it “normal to encourage recovery” when there are, at the same time, recruitment tensions and 7.3% unemployment, has cited the Canadian model several times. This provides that the conditions of access to unemployment insurance and the duration of compensation vary automatically according to the regional unemployment rate. Thus, in a region with unemployment below 6%, you must have worked 700 hours to be compensated, compared to 420 hours in a region with unemployment above 13%, according to a note from Unédic in 2021. The duration of Compensation varies from 14 to 45 weeks.

“Not everything that is done in Canada can be duplicated in France”

In France, as a first step, the current rules, which expire at the end of October, will be extended via a text of law at the start of the school year. Olivier Dussopt explained that he then wanted a “consultation” with the unions and the employers. “Leads can be opened, on the duration of compensation and its character […] Read more

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