This new Amazon Prime Video series is being compared to Stranger Things

news culture This new Amazon Prime Video series is being compared to Stranger Things

Available since the end of July, this new series available on Amazon Prime Video is the subject of many comparisons with the Stranger Things universe.

Adapted from the eponymous comic strip, Paper Girls is a new series based on the well-known principle of time travel. The setting is set the day after Halloween in 1988, when four young teenagers and great friends will mysteriously meet in 2019. They will then have to face themselves, having become adults, while trying to return home, in the 80s. And also save the world of the future, incidentally. The first season consists of 8 episodes of approximately 45 minutes.

The series has been available from us since July 29 on Amazon Prime Video and is already entitled to a whole slew of comparisons with the Stranger Things series for a few obvious reasons. : his gang of teenagers, his retro vibe and his fantastic side. The Guardian in particular declares that it is “of an extremely fun sci-fi series that resembles an all-female Stranger Things.” In France, Allocin√© baptized his article “Paper Girls: Prime Video’s Stranger Things that propels 4 teenage girls into the future” and would like to remind you that the story of Paper Girls is older than the series of the Duffer brothers.

If the comparison with Stranger Things seems obvious, especially in its artistic direction, it is essential to remember that the first volume of Paper Girls was published in 2015, while the success of the Duffer brothers was born in 2016. It remains relevant: a Retro vibes and a group of midwestern teenagers racing against the clock are all similarities between the two series.

This new Amazon Prime Video series is being compared to Stranger Things

Good press and public feedback

On the English-speaking public side, the enthusiasm seems particularly present as noted by our colleagues from gamesradar. The press, on the other hand, is generally won over: The Hollywood Reporter declares: “While the fantasy elements give Paper Girls its appeal, what’s actually fantastic about this eight-episode series is its surprisingly beautiful depiction of female friendship between preteen girls.“. For its part IGN Movies writes: “It’s the four main characters that make this show worth investing in, because their crazy circumstances give them the unique opportunity to figure out who they are, and who they want to be for each other. “

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