Thomas Buberl: “No harmonious economic development without insurance”, Company news

How do you motivate your employees and how does this contribute to the company’s performance?

In the service sector, more than elsewhere, employees are the wealth of the company. It is fundamental for Axa to recruit and retain talent over the long term. We have always had a very active human resources strategy. On the one hand, by having attractive mechanisms to associate employees with the performance and strategic choices of the company, we organize, for example, each year an operation allowing employees to become shareholders of the group under favorable conditions. They now hold 6% of the voting rights at the general meeting. They also benefit from profit-sharing and participation: almost a month’s additional salary this year. On the other hand, the group has always implemented a work organization that meets the aspirations of employees. I am thinking, of course, of teleworking recently, but also of the possibilities of international mobility and training to develop in your career. We have also implemented a program to protect the physical and mental health of all our employees worldwide.

What do you think should be the societal role of your company, and what measures have you taken in this direction?

By nature, insurance plays a strong societal role. There is no harmonious economic development without insurance. Beyond that, we are a committed actor on major societal issues. We have been a pioneer in mobilizing the financial industry in the fight against climate change, in particular by being a key player in financing the energy transition and playing an active role in raising awareness of these issues with a training program for companies, the Climate School. We are also committed to helping our societies in difficult times. We have thus mobilized funds for research against Covid-19 and supported Ukrainian refugees. To measure the impact of our actions, we have developed the Axa Index for Progress, which includes seven indicators dedicated to climate and inclusive protection, and we also rely on the DJSI ranking, which covers all ESG dimensions. They are included in the remuneration of our employees up to 30%.

What is your social and/or societal priority for the next twelve months?

As the health of our employees is a priority, we launched the Healthy You program in 2020, including a complete physical and digital health check-up, and annual access to flu vaccination. We will gradually expand this program between now and 2023 with new services, such as second medical opinion in the event of serious illness, coverage of medical costs in the event of cancer or even 24-hour access four and seven days a week to telemedicine, already available in more than 70% of Axa entities. At the same time, our goal is to become the reference company in terms of inclusion and diversity. To do this, we are reviewing our recruitment, promotion and compensation processes to make them as transparent as possible.

No harmonious economic development without insurance

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