Trade in La Ferté-Bernard. Insurance: the Du Plessis couple hands over

Bruno and Anne Du Plessis (left) hand over to Pénélope Guinet (centre) ©Valentin MAUDUIT

Insurers Generali from La Ferté-Bernard, Bruno and his wife Anne du Plessis are retiring. At 67 and 62, respectively, they hand over to Pénélope Guinet. Before leaving his trade in servicesBruno du Plessis agrees to look back on his career.

I arrived in May 1990 as a partner with a local insurer at France Assurance. He was in La Ferté and we had an agency in Nogent, where I was.

Bruno Du Plessis, insurer in La Ferté-Bernard

Unfortunately, he died in an accident in November of that same year.

Anne was a lawyer

The insurer therefore decides to call on his wife for a retraining. The latter, a lawyer, joined the company in 1992 and took care of claims management. “I haven’t had that job since. Even if at the end of my career, I was doing a little more law”, admits Anne.

In 1994, the insurance company moved to 5 avenue de la République, after passing through numbers 69 and 62.

They join the Generali group

“We built on the gardens of the hospital maternity ward,” slips Bruno du Plessis, glancing out the window where you can still see the building.

And in 1997, they join the Generali groupa company of Italian origin, and third insurer in France.

A local successor

To stop 25 years later, and thus hand over the keys to the agency to Pénélope Guinet. This thirty-year-old is a young local woman.

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“I’m from Saint-Aubin-des-Coudrais, my father was the director of the school and now I live in Cormes”, presents the 33-year-old woman, married and mother of two children. For her, it is “very important to be anchored locally, we are still local businesses”.

Insurer since 2013 on La Ferté-Bernard, she had always had the ambition to have her own agency.

I wanted to become a general agent, I had to train for four months, starting in February.

Pénélope Guinet, new manager of Generali

She officially took office on July 1, 2022. To feel at home, refreshments have taken place in the premises. “There was a reorganization of the space, it is also a desire to mark the break before and after. »

A support period

A not so complete break, because Katia, collaborator for ten years, remains in post. “At the start of the school year in September, we will have a work-study student who will join us. A 100% female team therefore”, specifies Pénélope.

If the du Plessis couple is replaced by Penelope and an alternate, it is because the workload will be less. “Now the group is taking control of claims, we won’t have to deal with that anymore. »

On the other hand, the insurance company also offers brokerage services ensured so far by Bruno. Penelope will take over. “In our business, it’s 50% brokerage – 50% insurance,” she notes.

Now the time has come to take advantage of retirement for Bruno and Anne, in their house in Avezé, on the banks of the Huisne. Or, give time for the Rotary.

But not so quickly… “there will be a support period of between three and six months for a smooth handover and closure of current files”, he concludes.

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