treat yourself to a discounted Sodastream machine to beat the heat this summer

The Sodastream machine, which allows you to prepare your sodas, goes from 99.99 euros to 75.99 euros at Amazon, accompanied by its various accessories.

During the summer and when the heat is intense, staying hydrated is very important. For this, you can turn to still or sparkling water, but also to your favorite sodas… Provided you have a stock of bottles at home! By investing in a Sodastream machine, you can prepare your own sparkling water, but also your sodas, thanks to official concentrated syrups. At the moment, the complete Sodastream pack costs 75.99 euros instead of 99.99 euros at Amazon.

Sodastream: here is the perfect Amazon plan to stay hydrated

The Sodastream pack sold exclusively by Amazon consists of two 1 liter PET bottles, two 7 Up concentrates and a CO2 cylinder. This allows you to prepare up to 60 liters of drink. You can use the transparent Fuse bottle for your sparkling water, and use the bottle stamped with the 7 Up logo for your soda. The concentrated syrups make it possible to prepare 9 liters of classic 7 Up and 9 liters of 7 Up Free, that is to say without sugar. Something to satisfy the whole family.

A practical solution to never run out of soda

The Sodastream machine allows you to perfectly control the flavors of the soda you want to drink, but it is also an economical way to produce sparkling water with tap water. You save money on the purchase of your bottles, and you also consume less plastic, since Fuse bottles are reusable. As for the CO2 cylinder, just change it when it is empty: you can send it back to Sodastream free of charge to benefit from a reduced price on the purchase of a refill.

Find here the Amazon offer on the Sodastream machine

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