Unorganized $1 million heist for insurance

The Gucci-wearing Bishop of Brooklyn, targeted in a million-dollar jewelry heist, denied on Friday that the robbery was staged for insurance compensation.

Bishop Lamor Miller-Whitehead was asked about the possibility, which was raised on social media, during an “emergency” press conference, according to the Brooklyn Paper.

He denied the storyline while grumbling about how difficult it was to win “sympathy” for his diamond-studded losses.

“Fendi, Louis and Gucci, why can’t we wear this to church?” What’s wrong with that?” Miller-Whitehead said, referring to her many luxury brand suits.

Miller-Whitehead, who cops say was robbed by a trio of masked robbers in the middle of his livestreamed sermon Sunday in Canarsie, had to defend himself against critics who said his flashy lifestyle made him a ripe target for thieves.

He has also been embroiled in other controversies, including a newly uncovered lawsuit accusing him of defrauding a parishioner out of her $90,000 savings in 2020.

Bishop Lamor Whitehead has had $1 million worth of jewelry stolen.

The flamboyant clergyman, who is known for his expensive jewelry and luxury cars, said on Friday the press had portrayed him as a “bling-bling bishop” because of his race.

“The media, for some reason, paints black men as criminals,” Miller-Whitehead said. “My church can’t get sympathy or empathy.”

He told reporters he was ready to answer any questions they had, but when pressed to proceed with the trial, he referred inquiries to his lawyers.

Asked about his relationship with Mayor Eric Adams, who he’s been comfortable with since Adams’ past life as Brooklyn Borough President, Miller-Whitehead said he spoke with the mayor on Thursday. , who “just encouraged me to keep my head strong”.

Whitehead said his portrayal was distorted because he is a black man.
Miller-Whitehead was robbed by a masked trio, cops say.
Miller-Whitehead was robbed by a masked trio, cops say.

At an unrelated press conference on Friday, Adams said he has “many relationships with people” and would continue to “mentor” Miller-Whitehead because it’s his “obligation to mentor others.” black men who have had negative encounters in their lives and other people in general. ”

Asked about the lawsuit against Miller-Whitehead, Adams replied: “No one is above the law” but “that’s for the courts to decide.”

Miller-Whitehead held his impromptu press conference to call on elected officials to pass legislation allowing pastors and clergy personnel to carry guns in places of worship so they can protect themselves.

“If teachers can have it, we should be able to have it. It doesn’t matter if we have a record, he should be exonerated,” said Miller-Whitehead, who previously served time upstate on robbery and impersonation charges.

A representative for the mayor told the Brooklyn outlet that Adams did not support the proposal but thought armed security guards at places of worship were a good idea.

Additional reporting by Bernadette Hogan

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