We love United kingdom: the new special issue of GEO Ado

At the end of October, our British neighbors will leave the European Union… or not: it’s total fog on the other side of the Channel with its daily set of twists and turns. But it is also an opportunity to take an interest in our British friends: this great nation has marked and still marks the history of the world. From the industrial revolution to pop music, via sport and literature (Harry Potter!), the made in Britain continues to inspire us deeply. And make us dream as your testimonials show. let’s go !

The floor for British teenagers : in this special issue, Thea, Tallulah, Soffia, Joe, Jacques, Ben, Euan and Isabella tell us about their lives and their passions. ” I’m not a big fan of French music, Euan admits, I prefer to listen to Ed Sheeran over fish and chips“.

This special issue was an opportunity to work again with Peter Dench, an English photographer who has been traveling his native country for 20 years (but who has also done reports all over the world). Even if he doesn’t know how to drive, Peter Dench followed the A1, the longest road in the kingdom (between London and Edinburgh). To meet your compatriots and understand your country at the time of Brexit.

Uniforms, funny sports, college-castles, the canteen menu, the way of learning… Survey in the schools !

No UK without a queen: Elizabeth II has reigned over the country since… 1952!! And on his family who has just welcomed a new baby!

In terms of culture and, in particular music, the British are on top! In this issue, we review all the artists who have put the kingdom on the world stage.

Who will win the battle ?

Also on the menu:

  • The Kingdom in Pictures
  • The big bazaar of Brexit
  • Story : when the British ruled the world
  • Caption: in the footsteps of king arthur
  • A trip to Manchesterthe city of football, rock and… bees
  • The traditions weird
  • Natalie, a french among the British
  • On a walk to London with Anna, Manon and Max
  • UK/France : when we love to hate each other
  • Eurotunnel : the construction site of the century
  • British fashion: amaaaazing!!


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