What advantages and disadvantages?

Purchasing insurance online is increasingly common as the world becomes increasingly digital. Faced with this new digital challenge, the insurance sector has also had to adapt by offering an online offer. What are the positive and negative aspects of online insurance contracts? Between ease, simplicity and time saving, subscribing to insurance via the web has many benefits. But what are its limits?

The benefits of online insurance

It is essential at present for insurers to have a website. This tool, which has become essential for both insurers and policyholders, is the online showcase for insurers. The insurance website must be full of practical and useful information for customers and allow total remote management.

Even if physical contact no longer occurs, interaction with customers remains present, and even facilitated. It comes in various forms: telephone, e-mail, personal space, chat. This makes it possible to coincide with the schedules and needs of the insured.

Via the website, the insured has access to a personal space dedicated to him and which contains everything necessary in writing (contracts, conditions, etc.). All the steps are therefore carried out remotely for a very significant saving of time.

The disadvantages of digital insurance

Despite all the advantages of buying insurance online, it may not be suitable for everyone. First of all, the quantity of insurance offers on the web is high, as is the risk for an individual of getting lost and not knowing who to contact. Having physical contact with an adviser is also a sign of trust and allows you to be reassured. Being accompanied by an expert also helps not to make mistakes, especially for people who have never called on an insurer in the past. Some people prefer to favor physical contact by addressing a direct interlocutor.

Even if the customer service of online insurance is very efficient, it is also legitimate to be more comfortable with a physical agency. However, the number of online insurance is such that it is good to rely on opinions and recommendations on the web.

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