What’s new in Microsoft Teams in July

Again, it’s that time of the month when we re-examine all the changes and updates that have taken place in Microsoft Teams over the past month. We’ve seen a lot of team updates and changes in July, so let’s dive into the highlights.

What’s new in Microsoft Teams in July

Improved meeting experience

First, in July, we saw the integration between Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Forms which led to the introduction of new features as well as enhancements to existing functionality in Teams Meeting Polls. Among them, the replacement of the Forms application in Teams by Polls. This was done to help users locate and add polls to their chats and meetings.

Improvements have also been made to the survey suggestion panel UI, now allowing users to change the position of suggested surveys from the bottom to the side panel and the ability to show or hide the side panel, between other improvements.

Additionally, users will have access to a list that highlights their recent polls, so they can reuse those polls in new meetings, saving time. Users will also receive a “dynamic confirmation” once they have participated in a survey, as well as a rating capability that will allow them to give their opinion by noting the scale symbols.

Key Phone and Calling Changes

Another notable feature that arrived in Teams in July is the ability to hide call history in Teams on desktop and mobile. And not only that, users will now be able to listen to call recording announcements using the default language set for Teams calls to or from a phone number.

The telephone in the common area has also been improved so that it can reach a wider audience without increasing costs. You can access cloud-based voicemail, endpoint management, and security features through the following service plans that have been bundled with the common area phone license:

  • Azure Active Directory Premium Plan 1
  • Microsoft Intune
  • Exchange Online Plan 2 (cloud-based voicemail only)

According to the blog post. “Spectralink DECT devices have been integrated into the SIP Gateway”. This was done to improve both efficiency and effectiveness, as frontline workers can use the Teams calling feature to improve communication with their colleagues.

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Additionally, users can now easily log out of the Teams reserved room using the new “Manage” button on the dashboard.

Additionally, through the same button, users can extend a Teams Rooms reservation directly from the panel. However, this is only possible if the room is available at that time.

Users running Teams on certified devices that support the camera on/off feature can now operate it more efficiently with the click of a button instead of the previous approach that required the user to fumble with the mouse or keyboard to modify it. .

Chat and collaboration

LinkedIn has been integrated with Teams, so users can see their colleagues’ profiles. While helping them bond around similar interests while improving their skills.

On the other hand, if we want to create a message in a team channel, we no longer need to mention team owners individually. Instead, you can notify them all at once by mentioning “@TeamOwners” or @TeamOwners.

What's new in Microsoft Teams in July


Users will be able to inherit the appropriate policy, either through a Group Policy assignment or by default at the organization level, as administrators now have the ability to mass clean up individual user policy assignments.

Team management improves

teams for education

We recently reported on Microsoft Teams integration with Canvas. Turns out they also joined Moodle with the aim of improving the learning experience. Microsoft Teams Meetings LTI and Classes LTI applications are accessible directly from Moodle.


Government officials will now be able to change their user experience or even customize their security settings using the new meeting options feature, they will also be able to watch up to 49 videos at a time in meetings on the infrastructure of virtual office, and finally, using the common mode function, officials will be able to see all their colleagues in a shared background.

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