why medicare agents crack

Ask a health insurance agent about his work, he will almost inevitably remind you how much we were ” proud “ – but that was ” before “ – of ” to return “ at Secu. “Today, our services are bloodless and the work consists essentially of asking people to wait”, summarizes Benjamin Sablier, teleadviser at the Primary Health Insurance Fund (CPAM) of Bouches-du-Rhône and CGT delegate, the first trade union organization in this branch of Social Security. He is required to take between 60 and 70 calls from health insurance each day, and it is increasingly difficult:

“We are faced with people in distress to whom we can no longer provide solutions. They have rights but our processing times are such that we throw them into precarious situations. The Covid has put our heads under water, and the whole chain is cracking. »

Health insurance has never been more in demand than since the health crisis. The number of work stoppages has exploded: agents currently receive 160,000 per working day – 50% to 100% more than in normal times –, which they must process in order to pay the insured daily allowances calculated on the basis of their salary. But in some funds, the congestion is such that the insured must wait several months without any income before receiving these benefits. And it is often the most precarious ones that have to wait the longest: internal employee files.

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