Windows 10 and the latest updates, Microsoft recognizes printing problems

Microsoft has recently acknowledged a new problem in Windows 10. It concerns printing and appears after installing the latest cumulative updates.

The announcement targets PCs running Windows 10. Microsoft reveals that printing may fail after installing the June 2022 Cumulative Updates. The issue also appears when installing newer Cumulative Updates. In other words, if you have installed the July 2022 updates, your USB printers may no longer work as expected.

Microsoft explains that in most cases, Windows lists duplicate copies of printers that were already installed. In other situations an error may occur when printing from an application that operates the printer using a specific name.

While waiting for a patch, workarounds exist but beware there is no guarantee that they will work for everyone.

  • Open the Settings app then navigate to “Bluetooth & Devices” to select “Printers & Scanners”
  • If a duplicate installation of a printer is present, for example with the suffix “Copy1”, check if printing works for this printer. It should work as expected.
  • If you need to use the original printer and not its copy, right-click on the duplicate printer, select “Printer properties” and select the “Ports” tab. Note the port used.
  • Open “Printer Properties” on the original printer and select the “Ports” tab. In the list select the port used by the duplicated printer. If the original printer works you can delete its copy.

Another approach is to uninstall everything and then reinstall the default printer. Updating existing drivers may also work. Finally you can also wait for the publication of the patch currently in development.

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