Windows 11 build 25169, Microsoft is rolling out a lot of new features, review

For the past few days, a new Preview of Windows 11 has been available on the DEV channel of the Insider program. It offers several new features.

The highlights of Windows 11 build 25169 is a new lockdown feature for IT administrators and the new Windows Spotlight theme. This release also includes a good number of fixes.

Multi-app kiosk mode is a lockdown feature for Windows 11. It allows an IT admin to select a set of apps that are allowed to run on the device, while all other features are blocked. This makes it possible to create different environments and access for different types of users, all on one device.

This locking includes for example

  • Restrict access to settings except for selected pages (e.g. Wi-Fi and screen brightness)
  • A Start menu lock to show only allowed apps.
  • A blocking of “toasts” and “pop-ups” that lead to unwanted UI.

Microsoft adds

Multi-app kiosk mode is ideal for scenarios where multiple people need to use the same device. This can include frontline and retail worker scenarios, education, and taking tests.

Currently, multi-app kiosk mode can be enabled using PowerShell and WMI Bridge, with Intune/MDM support and provisioning package configuration coming soon.

Windows 11, new theme and bug fixes

Windows 11 and the “Spotlight” theme aka Windows Spotlight

The OS is also enriched with an option to activate Spotlight on the desktop via a new theme called “Windows Spotlight”. It is now part of the default content. To find it, you have to go to this address

Paramètres > Personnalisation et Paramètres > Personnalisation > Thèmes.

In addition, it is allowed to create your own custom themes with rotating images from Windows Spotlight. This option is currently being rolled out, so it is not yet available to all PCs registered on the DEV channel.

To all this is added the management of applications by Parameters which were previously only supported by the Control Panel. This includes uninstalling apps that have interdependencies (e.g. Steam and gaming apps running on Steam), repairing and modifying Win32 apps. The version of the Windows Security app is now displayed in Windows Security Settings under “About”.

Finally we have several fixes. They aim

  • file explorer,
  • The taskbar,
  • Settings,
  • Entrances and more

Please note that this is a development version. The operating system is therefore not considered stable. It comes with several known and unfixed issues. They mainly target the File Explorer and the Widgets module.

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