Windows 11: Microsoft removes the update that blocked the Start menu

The KB5014668 update caused problems with Windows 11, such that the Start menu no longer opened for some users. Microsoft has admitted there is a problem.

Microsoft says it has received user testimonials about being unable to use the Start menu on Windows 11 since installing update KB5014668. But the group assures us: this concerns only “a small number of devices”.

In view of the situation, Microsoft preferred to withdraw the update and used its Known Issue Rollback (KIR) system to ensure that users who had already installed it had it removed. This is an automatic step, the PC only needs to be connected to the Internet. Microsoft’s servers will then detect computers with the update and ask Windows to remove it because it poses a problem.

Microsoft notes that the process can take 24 hours to apply to everyone. The group recommends simply restarting the computer to try to force the connection to its servers and thus have the problematic update removed.

KB5014668 update has had many issues since its release. For example, it was supposed to fix an OS upgrade failure bug, but ironically it started causing installation failures itself.

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