Windows 11 will require the creation of a Microsoft account, a solution exists

Windows 11 22H2 will introduce new features but also a new constraint. Microsoft will require the creation of an online account during installation.

This posture was previously applied only with Windows 11 Home. In the future, Windows 11 Pro users will also be affected when initializing the operating system. Note that Windows 11 Enterprise is not affected by this change.

Clearly the Windows 11 configuration process will become complicated since it will be necessary to enter identifiers before enjoying the desktop. The connection will be required during the configuration phase through the OOBE. Microsoft says it will also be necessary to have Internet access.

Windows 11 and creating a Microsoft account

Using a Microsoft account has benefits like automatically setting up OneDrive and syncing preferences, settings, and data across devices. However, not everyone necessarily wants to share their data with Microsoft.

Windows 11 Pro and the creation of a Microsoft account, solution

This new constraint is apparently ready in order to accompany Windows 11’s first feature update, 22H2. Until now, creating a local account during the initial configuration was sufficient with Windows 11 Pro.

Naturally this new approach does not please everyone and resistance is organized. Already solutions have appeared, one of the most effective of which is called Rufus. This essential utility allows in its latest version to download and install Windows 11 without creating a Microsoft account. In addition, you can also bypass all hardware requirements.

Rufus allows you to install Windows 11 on all PCs, even those that are not eligible

According to rumors, the deployment of Windows 11 22H2 will begin in the fall of 2022. As is customary, it will be done in stages. Availability by wave is a solution for the giant to better control the installations. In the event of critical bugs, the number of victims is limited while restrictions can be put in place until a solution is found through a patch.

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