Windows Defender, Microsoft is accused of copying the competition

On July 30, 2022, Zhou Hongyi, co-founder of Chinese internet security company Qihoo 360 Technology, accused Microsoft of plagiarism at the 10th conference. SAI.

Windows 10 and Windows 11 come natively with an antivirus and more generally with a set of security tools. This Microsoft offer benefits from extensive work to compete with third-party solutions. All this effort pays off since several studies show that the protection offered by Microsoft has improved considerably.

According to the co-founder of a Chinese security solution (Qihoo 360 Technology), there would be nothing glorifying. Why ? Microsoft would simply reap the fruits of their labor as the software giant would copy their ideas.

This statement is from Zhou Hongyi, co-founder of Chinese internet security company Qihoo 360 Technology. It was made at the 10th Internet Security Conference at the end of July. He explained to the audience that Microsoft is “copying Qihoo 360, imitating the Qihoo 360 Safe Center, and creating a Microsoft IT butler.”

Other claims were later shared to the media after this event. For example Pandaily quoting Zhou explains that Microsoft would review Qihoo’s software to improve its offering.

“As a technology giant, Microsoft learns from Qihoo 360’s security concept in the field of security, which also proves that our security concept is relatively advanced and on the right track. »

According to these claims, Microsoft is emulating the free antivirus services of Qihoo 360, which would have played a key role in Microsoft becoming the most powerful security company in the United States.

On the other hand, on Weibo, Zhou Hongyi tried to minimize his statements. He explained that Microsoft is actually doing a terrific job when it comes to focusing on C-end.

“I should clarify that I am not bombarding Microsoft, but in fact expressing my appreciation for the company. In the digital age, only C-end companies can do a good job of security because they have many users and can put big data in the cloud for security analysis. I think Qihoo 360 and Microsoft are two forward-looking companies. »

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