With Amazon and bpost in the corners of the countryside

The first sells. The second book. The destinies of these two seem linked, especially in the most isolated places. But there are a few downsides.

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Journalist at the Forum department

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Rmeet at Sensenruth, on the heights of Bouillon. This is where we find Jérôme, a “hypermotivated” postman. 23 years of service at bpost. A guy who loves his region and knows every “corner” of it. A man who loves people too. “If this job only consisted of putting mail in the mailbox, I wouldn’t be interested in it,” he says.

It is not chance that led us to the banks of the Semois to trace the route with Jérôme. But the hypothesis that, without e-commerce, certain villages would be more than ever cut off from the world, their inhabitants having the choice only between incessant travel to urban centers and consumerist abstinence. We schematize.

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