Works: what are the compulsory insurances for a craftsman?

As soon as the site begins, the company, which carries out work subject to a ten-year guarantee, must prove that it has taken out insurance. As such, it must present a certificate of insurance. If it has not satisfied this obligation, as the contracting authority you have the option of requesting the presentation of an insurance certificate at any time during the work.

The ten-year insurance certificate must conform to a standard model with minimum indications. It must, in particular, include the words: “Insurance certificate” and the terms: “Compulsory ten-year liability insurance” appearing in the central position. It is important to check on the insurance certificate that the craftsman is well covered for the work he has undertaken to carry out since the insurer’s guarantee is limited to the sole sector of professional activity that he said.

An incomplete and imprecise certificate may mislead you as to the guarantees taken out by the contractor.

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