Xbox Game Pass – Microsoft announces the arrival of 7 games in its subscription offer in early August

Calm as a summer morning.

Undeniably, the Xbox Game Pass, despite Sony’s move to unify PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now, remains the highest-rated offering in the video game universe at the moment. But it also happens that moments are less fantastic. And with summer in full swing, the new crop of titles to join Microsoft’s subscription offering might seem a little light.

Already available:

Ghost Recon Wildlands (on consoles, PC and cloud): Little by little, Ubisoft continues to bring its catalog into the Xbox Game Pass. And after the very recent Assassin’s Creed Origins and Far Cry 5, it’s Ghost Recon Wildlands’ turn to play the game. Suffice to say that the Bolivian cartel won’t be laughing for long when the players team up against it. .

From August 4:

Shenzhen I/O (on PC): Even if it is not very famous with the general public, the title of Zachtronics remains a game very appreciated by its community. A community that he will try to expand by joining the Game Pass. On the menu, a programming game in which you have to build circuits using components to reach Shenzhen, the world capital of electronics. A concept.

Turbo Golf Racing (on Xbox Series X|S, PC and cloud): Landing day one on the subscription offer from Microsoft, Rocket League… oh… sorry…, Turbo Golf Racing will allow you to mix the sensations of golf with those of driving cars evoking in every way the blockbuster of Psyonix. A golf course that could be very nice, however, knowing that it is a question of multiplayer and being the fastest.

From August 9:

Two Point Campus (on consoles, PC and cloud): Also available day one on the Xbox Game Pass, this new “sim-builder” from the Two Point studio will this time offer to build the campus of your dreams after looking into the universe hospital in 2018. Humor in the background, it will therefore be a question of managing from A to Z the ins and outs of a place where education will have to reach new heights… or almost…

From August 11:

Cooking Simulator (on consoles, PC and cloud): If you want to get into the kitchen, without having to clean the dishes, or even the walls for some… why not do it in the world of video games? Because as the title explains, umpteenth simulation (a little crazy for the occasion), Cooking Simulator will give everyone the opportunity to cook in a good mood, without risk of poisoning in addition. So why deprive yourself ?

Expeditions: Rome (on PC): The holidays are in full swing but you don’t feel like leaving your house? In this case, it is quite possible to go on an expedition to Rome in a turn-based RPG that combines everything the universe of ancient Rome has to offer. And the best thing about all of this is that this opus does it with certain qualities.

Offworld Trading Company (on PC): Afterwards, if Rome is not enough for you, it is possible to go even further since the title of Mohawk Games offers you to set foot on Mars at a time when the red planet was colonized. And for the occasion, it will be a question of facing a strategy game whose foundations are based on the economy. In short, what to dispute the supremacy on this planet which galvanizes the dreams of those having the eyes turned towards the stars.

On the departure side, these are five games that will abandon the Xbox Game Pass on August 15:

Boyfriend Dungeon (on consoles, PC and cloud)

Curse of the Dead Gods (on consoles, PC and cloud)

Library of Ruin (on consoles, PC and cloud)

Starmancer (on PC)

Train Sim World 2 (on consoles, PC and cloud)

You now know everything about the beginning of August in the company of the Xbox Gamepass.


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