Xbox Game Pass: Microsoft is testing a family subscription at 22 € / month

Microsoft is currently testing a family plan allowing several people to share a single subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, its cloud gaming service. It has just been deployed in Ireland and Colombia for what is undoubtedly a running-in period before a more global launch. It offers 5 players to split the fees as long as they reside in the same country.

In Ireland, the bundled subscription is billed at €22 per month where the standard offer is €13 for one person. This price being the same as in France, one can imagine that the family formula will also be offered at 22 € in France on the day of its release. It remains to be seen whether Microsoft will not adjust its prices by then, the prices of digital subscriptions tending to be revised upwards lately.

As a reminder, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate provides access to a catalog of streaming games containing more than 100 titles that you can play as much as you want. Everything works on Mac as well as on iOS, with touch controls on mobile for certain titles. You will necessarily need a controller to play on a computer, even if Microsoft is working on supporting the keyboard / mouse combo.

Players living in Ireland or Colombia wishing to try this new offer must purchase the ” Xbox Game Pass – Insider Preview » available on the Microsoft Store. The Redmond firm specifies that by switching to this formula, the remaining “classic” subscription period will be transformed into days of family subscription (one month of Ultimate becoming for example 18 days of shared subscription). This conversion does not work for guests, who are advised to create a second account if they are still subscribed on their personal accounts.


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