Xbox Series X Stock: Is stock available this Monday, August 1?

Unlike the PS5, which remains a rare commodity on the market, the Xbox Series X wants to be easier to access. Like the Xbox Series S, another video game console offered by Microsoft, it is sold on various online sales sites: Amazon, La Fnac, Cdiscount or even Darty allow you to buy the machine. Stocks vary, but it’s worth taking advantage of the summer to make that coveted purchase.

The Xbox Series X is available in stock on the Internet

Unlike a few months ago, buying an Xbox Series X in order to receive it quickly at home is possible in August. It should nevertheless be noted that it remains difficult to acquire a console alone: ​​it is very often sold in packs with games or with an Xbox controller, or even a headset. Some merchants still offer it in the standard version at a price of 499.99 euros. This may be the moment you’ve been waiting for to give it to yourself.

Microsoft’s most powerful console

With a raw power of 12 teraflops, the Xbox Series X is the most muscular console on the market today. It allows you to play compatible games in 4K Ultra HD, and displays up to 120 frames per second. It is equipped with a 1 TB SSD which allows you to install many games and applications. In addition, this Microsoft console is equipped with a physical disc drive compatible with DVDs, Blu-rays and 4K Blu-rays.

The top sites to find the Xbox Series X in stock

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