you will be able to restore your apps more easily on a new PC

During its Build conference, Microsoft unveiled several new features that should make its application store even easier to use. This will concern in particular the search for software or the transfer to a new PC.

Source: Microsoft

The Microsoft Store wants to place itself even more at the heart of the entire Windows 11 environment. The American firm has not hidden its work for many months to boost its software store in order to make everything attractive.

On the occasion of the Microsoft Build developer conference, which was held on Tuesday, the computer giant even announced the arrival of the Amazon Appstore and its Android applications in new countries including France, but also new functions for simplify things even more and make the Microsoft Store a much more relevant and intuitive tool to use.

Easy-to-find apps

With its exponential number of software in view, the Microsoft Store also promises to have a real search tool. Windows Search will thus allow Windows Insiders first of all to find an app on the store. Just click on Start, then type the name of the app to see a list appear and be able to download it without leaving the flow of its work.

Microsoft Build Windows 11 search bar
Finding and installing an app will become easier // Source: Microsoft

The manufacturer wants to make its search bar a versatile and essential tool. It is already widely used to find all kinds of information. Microsoft will therefore eventually add applications from its own store to make them more easily accessible.

Similarly, a pop-up store and badges on the Microsoft Store will soon appear to allow developers to easily promote their apps on any website. One way to encourage them to publish their software on the Microsoft Store while offering them a gateway to a site from which it will be very easy to install the application.

Even easier transfer from one PC to another

In this spirit of simplification, the American company has also reflected on a situation which has clearly worsened in recent years with confinement and the boom in telework: many people have changed computers and the market figures which show a phenomenal increase in the number of sales confirms this.

Microsoft Build windows 11 restore app
It will be easier to reinstall your Windows applications on a new PC // Source: Microsoft

So Microsoft wants to make it easy for you. Because the most problematic thing when starting a new life with a device is to find the habits of the one of yesteryear. For this, a new function will appear under Windows 11 in the channel Insider Firstly. It will allow users to automatically restore their applications to their new PC. But on the condition of course that they come from the Microsoft Store and that they are intended for a Windows device.

Microsoft says this will allow developers to keep their customers without having to tell them they need to redownload an app. And to also help app creators increase their audience, Microsoft Store Ads will be launched in the coming months to display games and apps that are relevant to the user, at the right time. Everything will be contextualized according to the habits and tastes of the user.

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